What about Aphids in Alfalfa?

Lady Beetle Adult 2009 Susan A BeebeBesides alfalfa weevil, alfalfa producers deal with a number of other pest insects like lygus (stay tuned for more on these critters!) and aphids. In focus groups conducted with Wyoming alfalfa growers over the past two years, it became clear that there was some confusion about what sort of damage aphids can cause to alfalfa, the types of aphids found in WY alfalfa fields, and how to manage them.

As a result we decided to put together a fact sheet with some information about aphids in alfalfa.  On the fact sheet we touch on the types of damage aphids can cause which include reducing hay quality, vectoring disease and delaying seed maturation. We also go over the four most commonly found aphids, and finish up offering some management strategies.

For a PDF version of our fact sheet, Click here: Aphids In Alfalfa

On another aphids in alfalfa note, our neighbors in Utah have just put out their Summer 2015 Utah Pest Newsletter. In this issue they talk about the unusually high aphid infestations that alfalfa producers were faced with this year due to warmer spring temperatures. To read the full story, Click Here: UtahPests Newsletter Summer15 (Page 10).


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